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“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place
in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality”
- Walt Disney


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Mpowered is a leading Space-as-a-Service Platform for capital investors that helps transform your properties into agile, well-equipped workspaces by managing your offices and services while you focus on the business goals.

Space Management

Powered by M

‘Powered by M’ is an extension of the company’s service portfolio and is designed to exclusively manage real estate for co-working and co-living spaces, through a single window.

Prop Tech Solutions


The third vertical ‘MGage’ is powered by technology and is built with a focus on the end user’s experience. It is a Co-working and Community Management application aimed at empowering the users to connect and collaborate with each other in a seamless digital environment.

Safety Compliance


M-Auditor is a Collaborative App designed by MPowered to help clients follow standardization and maintain compliance (Covid-19 related and otherwise), throughout the organization.




As landlords, if you have the space, we have the Ideas and Expertise. We partner with you to Conceptualise, Build, and Operate the space for working/living/retail to transform real estate into dynamic destinations, increasing the value of your entire portfolio with minimal risk. We help you align the three products that we offer to match your business needs.


As a broker, you can introduce your clients to MPowered and earn a fee for every referral and there is no cap on your earnings; you build your clientele and we help them grow. At MPowered, we are always open to exploring new ideas and are ready to tag-team with you to shape your client’s vision into reality faster than you’d imagine.


If you are an existing co-working, co-living, co-retail or a co-hospitality brand, you can leverage our specialized services in managing your space and making the most of your assets. With our Powered by M model, you continue to use your brand name and we plug-in to rapidly mobilize and scale, bringing in our team’s expertise and agile technology without the slightest disruption to your business.


No matter what the size of your business, we can save you money by providing agile solutions to help you make your space more profitable. We know there can be many different overhead expenses, such as having to rent an office space, buying furniture, paying for utilities, buying office equipment, providing refreshments, or paying all types of bills—leave it to us; we will run the entire show for you against a nominal monthly fee.

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At MPOWERED, we can conceptualize and design your retail spaces as per the needs of your business. What’s more, is that we can help you manage and run end-to-end operations while you focus on running the business.
Our team of experts can conceptualize and design your residential spaces that are a true reflection of your persona and have the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality.
In addition to designing your facilities as per your requirement, our team of subject-matter experts are also fully equipped to run your facility for you, including managing the day-to-day operations.
We can design, create and power your warehouse as per the nature of your business and ensure safety and compliance every step of the way. If you’re finding it hard to manage the day-to-day operations, you can outsource it to us at a nominal monthly fee and we can run the show for you.
Aside from conceptualizing and designing truly collaborative, empowering, and upbeat educational spaces, we can also assist with setting up the infrastructure and managing other aspects of the project including ongoing maintenance, recruitment, training, and managing of the support staff.
With our space-as-a-service platform, we help transform your commercial real estate into agile well-equipped workspaces by managing your offices and services while you focus on the business goals.